Laser Manufacturing

Munufacture Technology

Semiconductor Chip Beam Shaping Technology

Because of the special structure of the semiconductor laser, the fast and slow-axis beam quality are not the same, and the difference is large.The method of beam splitting rearrangement is used for beam shaping, that is, splitting the slow-axis beam first, then rotating the rearrangement to reduce the size of the spot in the slow-axis direction, increasing the size of the spot in the fast-axis direction, so as to achieve the uniformity of the product of the fast and slow-axis light parameters.Our company mainly uses lens groups to shape light beams through optical design.

Outer Cavity Semiconductor Wavelength Locking Technology

Our company mainly uses VBG, PDH and other technologies to lock the laser wavelength.

Multi-die Semiconductor Fiber Coupling Technology

High-power and high-brightness fiber-coupled semiconductor lasers based on multi-single-tube chips are ideal for achieving high beam quality and high brightness requirements.This is mainly due to the high beam quality, good heat dissipation, stable performance and easy Large-scale integration and other advantages, can be efficiently coupled to a small core diameter multimode fiber to obtain high-brightness laser output.

Laser Welding Packaging Technology

Coaxial laser is packaged by three-gun annulus welding

Other lasers are packaged using parallel seam welding technology

Munufacture Equipments

Laser Detection Device

Laser Production Equipment

  • Self-made Semiconductor Tester
  • OPHIR Energy meter VEGA ROHS
  • Power meter Thorlabs PM100D
  • Oscilloscope Tektronix TDS7104
  • Current Detection Tektronix TCP-A-300
  • 2 Spectrometers YOKOGAWA AQ6370D
  • Beam quality analyzer THORLABS M2MS-BP209IR2
  • High and low temperature impact box
  • Vibration test platform
  • Thermostat
  • Ultrasonic golden wire ball welder WT-2130
  • 4 sets of amplified imaging systems
  • 5 sets of ultra precision adjusting frame
  • 1 Set of Parallel Sealer
  • 1 set of three-gun ring welder

Introduction of process equipment

LD Welding

Electrode Bonding
Ultrasonic golden wire ball welder

Cavity Adjustment
Ultra precision adjustment frame

Optical Device Welding
Thermostatic platform

Beam Expanding
Alignment adjustment
Ultra precision adjustment frame

Laser Packaging
Laser charging and exhausting
Parallel seam welder
Three-gun spot welder

Plant Environment
Optical Path Test
Optical Debugging
Optical Path Adjustment
Optical Path Adjustment
Optical Fiber Cutting Knife
High Precision Optical Fiber Cutting Knife
Optical Fiber Fuser
Laser Power Supply
Laser Power Close Up
Imported Optical Fiber Cutting Knife
Lens Debugging

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