830nm Narrow Line Width Laser

Narrow linewidth laser system is our special product. This series of products are compact in structure, portable and convenient. The core technologies such as short cavity method, VBG wavelength locking, directional optical feedback, built-in semiconductor refrigeration, etc. are used to realize narrow linewidth, stable power and stable spectral output of laser.

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Optical Parameter

CL830-MSIF(S)-500mW-NLM010 CL830-MSIF(FP)-500mW-NLM011
Central Wavelength 830nm 830nm
Output Power 500mW 500mW
Wavelength Tolerance ±0.5nm ±0.5nm
Line Width < 0.1nm < 0.1nm
Wavelength Stability ±0.005nm @8H Typ. ±0.005nm @8H Typ.
Power Stability ±1.5% @8H Typ. ±1.5% @8H Typ.
Side Mode Rejection Ratio 40dB 40dB

System Parameters

CL830-MSIF(S)-500mW-NLM010 CL830-MSIF(FP)-500mW-NLM011
Power Adjustment Range 0~100% 0~100%
Preheat Time 15min 15min
Modulation Input 1kHz TTL Or Analog signal0-5V 1kHz TTL Or Analog signal0-5V
Control Interface USB,BNC USB,BNC
Fiber Interface SMA905 FC/PC
Adaptive Optical Fiber 105µm,0.22NA 105µm,0.22NA
Power Input 100V-240V,50/60Hz 100V-240V,50/60Hz
System Power Consumption <7W <7W
Storage Temperature -10~60℃ -10~60℃
Storage Humidity 0~80%RH 0~80%RH
Operating Temperature 10~35℃ 10~35℃
System Weight 2.5Kg 2.5Kg
System Size 150ⅹ102ⅹ200mm 150ⅹ102ⅹ200mm

Laser Head Size Chart


  • Line width <0.1nm
  • Frequency stability better than ±0.005nm@8H
  • Side mode rejection ratio is better than 40dB (60dB optional)
  • Portable operation, temperature drift <0.007nm / ℃, VBG wave lock
  • Built-in TEC, power stability is better than ± 1.5%
  • Including host computer control, emergency stop switch, short circuit protection and other functions


  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence Spectrum Detection
  • Holographic Detection
  • Up-conversion Material

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